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2017 Newsletters

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November 2017 Newsletter

In our August newsletter, we described some of the factors that cause RMWD’s rates to be different than other areas. We got some excellent feedback from those who read the newsletter and we appreciate all your comments. As the new year approaches, so do increases in water costs, so the RMWD Board along with the Budget and Finance Committee are now working on our new rates for 2018 and beyond. We wish we could tell you rates are going down, but alas they are not. This month we will focus a bit on why our rates always seem to be going up.

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July 2017 Newsletter

In May 2017, a delegation from Rainbow MWD joined some of our local government representatives at the California Special District Association’s Legislative Days event in Sacramento. The annual event allows numerous opportunities to provide first-hand information to our legislators about the topics that directly affect our ratepayers with an emphasis on reducing some of the burdensome regulations related to water supply. It is also a great avenue to meet with some of California’s legislators in person as well as network with peers as pictured below.

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June 2017 Newsletter

When we flip on the light switch we expect the lights to come on. The same is true when we turn on our faucets. We become accustomed to water immediately flowing from the kitchen sink or hose bib when we turn it on and can become frustrated when it doesn’t have the expected outcome. The simple act of turning on a faucet or switching on a light and always getting the desired result requires a great deal of complex infrastructure to work together time and time again.

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April 2017 Newsletter

The Rainbow Municipal Water District’s (RMWD) Morro Reservoir Rehabilitation Project (2010-2012), performed by Hilts Consulting Group of Yorba Linda, CA, was selected for the inaugural Fabricated Geomembrane Engineering Innovation Award in 2016. The award was presented by the Fabricated Geomembrane Institute at the University of Illinois at its annual membership meeting in Miami Beach, Florida, in early May of last year. The award is given to recognize engineers who have creatively used fabricated geomembranes to successfully fulfill a client’s need, including technical, scheduling and budget requirements.

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March 2017 Newsletter

The Moosa Crest pipeline is a 16-inch water transmission pipeline that was originally installed in 1960 and runs north to south perpendicular to Camino Del Rey, crossing Moosa Creek above the water line. The previous rains in January undermined one to the supports which subsequently failed and became submerged under Moosa Creek as seen in the pictures below. The pipeline was not damaged in this event but while District staff was preparing to replace the support, the massive storm that occurred on Monday, February 27, 2017, significantly increased in flow in Moosa Creek causing tree debris to severely damage the pipe.

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February 2017 Newsletter

On January 26, 2017, San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) Board of Directors met to discuss the current Statewide Drought Emergency Regulations. After considerable deliberation, the Board determined that maintaining a statewide drought emergency while our County has no water supply shortage undermines our credibility with our customers and will dilute our ability to respond to actual water supply shortages in the future. Further, by incorrectly communicating the status of our water supplies, we degrade our ability to attract, retain and expand businesses. The fact is that our region has developed a drought-resilient supply and never had a supply shortage through the entire drought period.

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