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Backflow Testing Program

Many of our customers have backflow devices and our program requirements have been updated so if you have one of these devices at your property and your property use has changed or you think you might not need one please go through the checklist/questionnaire to the right to see if you might be eligible to remove your device.

For those properties where a backflow device is required the District’s Backflow Testing Program was established to track the installation and testing of service protection backflow assemblies within the District’s service area.  It is designed to ensure high-quality and reliable potable water services for all of our customers required to have a backflow device per Title 17 Code of Regulations DIVISION 1. STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH SERVICES CHAPTER 5. SANITATION (ENVIRONMENTAL) GROUP 4. DRINKING WATER SUPPLIES ARTICLE 1. GENERAL.

May contain: bronze, gun, weapon, weaponry, and machine

The cost associated with the program can be found on our rate sheet and is included in monthly billing charges for customers with approved assemblies.

Please note that the list of Certified Backflow Testers contains the names of backflow prevention assembly testers doing business in San Diego County who have been certified by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and/or American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA). The San Diego County Department of Environmental Health and Rainbow Municipal Water District has verified these certifications but make no other representation concerning the qualifications of these testers. The listing is not intended as either an advertisement for these testers or as a warranty by the County or District, expressed or implied. This list is for your convenience only. It should be used with discretion.


Backflow Assembly Test FormCertified Backflow Vendor List


The monthly fee does not cover backflow repair or replacement costs. Should your device require significant repair or replacement the customer will be responsible for those costs. 

To see rates related to the backflow testing please see the rate sheet below. Under 'Other Charges' on the second page. 


2022 August 01 Rate Sheet.pdf


If you are unfamiliar with these types of devices and would like to learn more about their benefit, use, function, requirements, etc. go to the American Backflow Prevention Association website or American Water Works Association.

For any backflow-related questions or concerns or to discuss the qualifications for removing a device please contact our Backflow Specialist at (760) 728-1178 extension 212. or via email at

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