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Conservation Programs, Rebates, and More

Making Conservation Simple at a Low or NO Cost to You!

Using water wisely, and conserving this precious resource has become a way of life here in San Diego County. However, there are many ways we can make sure we are not wasting water and stay mindful of this precious resource. 

One of the best ways to take control of your water usage is by having access to your minute-by-minute water consumption. RMWD partnered with Flume to offer its customer a special opportunity to purchase a Flume Smart Home Water Monitor! RMWD customers can get Flume AND Flume Insight for just $49.99, saving you $150 (one device per account).

Flume’s Smart Home Water Monitor and app provide homeowners with detailed, real-time insights into their water usage. So, don’t wait until you get your water bill to find out you have a leak! Go to our website at NOW and find out more about how to manage, and conserve water, create water budgets and usage alerts to instantly notify you on your smartphone of excess water use.

Using drought-tolerant, landscaping practices is another way to establish your property with a well-adapted landscape to endure the hot and dry climates. Incorporating efficient irrigation, smart irrigation controllers, mulch (water retention), and maintenance/pruning practices are a must in this region. That’s why the District partners with other agencies to provide customers access to numerous programs to assist with their efforts to conserve water. 

Take advantage of your free opportunity to receive site-specific water-saving recommendations with a WaterSmart Checkup. You’ll benefit from the perspective of their certified irrigation professionals. This free program offers several different Checkup services and will match your property to the best available option. For more information visit

Have you been wanting to successfully design your own watershed-wise landscape, make rainwater stay in your garden, transform thirsty grass into a beautiful, climate-appropriate water-efficient garden, or design a beautiful garden using California Friendly® and native plant landscaping principles? We help you achieve success through the many programs offered

We also partner with outside agencies to offer a wide range of programs focused on building awareness and learning about and understanding local and regional water supplies, infrastructure, and related issues. So, don’t wait! Get on track today in making conservation easy. All the resources available to you can be found at

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