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The District partners with our wholesaler and other agencies to offer our customers a variety of rebates. To see what rebates are available to you please go to the San Diego County Water Authority website. For Residential Water-Use Efficiency Incentives, Programs, and Classes please go to the water use efficiency section of our website.

Additional tips and resources can found at Save Our Water.

Rebate Programs Available for Rainbow Water Customers

Turf Replacement Program

A landscaped garden with stone steps, flowering plants, shrubs, and a retaining wall.

Are you looking to improve your yard and water bill? SoCal WaterSmart's Turf Replacement program is designed to assist homeowners with the process of replacing high water use turf with a low water use California friendly landscape. The Turf Replacement program aims to combine turf removal, irrigation modification and rainwater retention or filtration to support reuse or soil absorption of rainwater. For more information and project requirements visit SoCal WaterSmart's website.

Tree Rebate Program

Thinking about starting a turf replacement project? You can now receive a $100 rebate per tree for up to five trees planted while you replace your grass with a beautiful California friendly landscape. Tree rebate program requirements and tree list are available at:

Invest in Your Landscape

For more information download the SoCal WaterSmart's Turf and Tree replacement program.

MWD WaterSmart Turf and Tree Rebate Program
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