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Regional CropSWAP Program


Avocado on a tree with sunlight and a "CropSWAP" program logo by Rancho Water.

Empowering Agriculture Together

Rainbow Water has partnered with Rancho Water to introduce the Regional CropSWAP or Sustainable Water for Agricultural Production, a regional program focused on reviving the agricultural community through crop conversion projects. The program is dedicated to promoting sustainable and efficient agricultural practices. CropSWAP offers eligible participants a choice of three distinct, incentivized project types tailored to enhance agricultural productivity while prioritizing environmental stewardship. 

The Regional CropSWAP Program is designed to address significant challenges in agricultural sustainability within the service areas of the Regional Partners. Participation in the Regional CropSWAP Program, allows growers to convert to water-efficient crop varieties, upgrade avocado rootstocks for improved tree health, or rejuvenate avocado trees through stumping. Completion of a comprehensive crop upgrade will optimize your water use and boost your crops’ productivity, and contribute to the collective goal of responsible water stewardship. Invest in your farm’s future today and join the program to create a more sustainable agricultural community.

Apply Online

The Regional CropSWAP Program is now open to Rainbow Wate customers, to find out more information and apply online, visit:

Program Background

Funded through various sources including a state grant, the Regional CropSWAP Program is focused on enhancing efficiency for agricultural water users in western Riverside and northern San Diego Counties. The Regional Program offers financial assistance for both transitioning away from high-water-use crops and adopting agricultural best management practices (BMPs). Through implementation of the Regional Program, the partnering agencies aim to foster sustainable agricultural water use, support local farmers, and contribute to the long-term resilience of the agricultural communities in the region. 

Rainbow Water agriculture and agriculture residence ratepayers are eligible for the program to convert citrus, cut flowers, olives, wine grapes and other crops that result in water savings. In addition, the program provides avocado rootstock upgrades which include the removal of mature high-water avocado trees and replaced with juvenile trees containing the latest salt tolerant and disease resistant rootstocks.

"The innovative program will allow Rainbow Water to reinvest in our agricultural growers, one of the fabrics of our community," said Jake Wiley, Rainbow Water General Manager. "This is an exciting opportunity and we are pleased to bring a new long term program focused on increasing water use efficiency and assisting with
sustainable water rates for all our customers."

The regional CropSWAP program is modeled after the success of Rancho Water's program that began in 2021. The new regional program is comprised of five agencies: City of Oceanside, Fallbrook Public Utility District, Rainbow Water, Rancho Water, and Valley Center.

What is Crop Conversion? 

Rows of winery

The purpose of the CropSWAP is to help rate payers import less water to reduce costs and provide farmers with savings through a crop conversion. The CropSWAP replaces an active orchard with a minimum of two acres, to a water saving crop to reduce water costs and maintain the legacy of the agricultural area. An additional opportunity is available for avocado growers to replace old trees with the Avocado Rootstock Upgrade. The Rootstock of mature avocado trees are replaced with new disease-free, salt and drought tolerant rootstocks. 

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