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Water Smart Contractor Incentive Program (WSCIP)

The Water Smart Contractor Incentive Program (WSCIP) has increased the rebates it offers!! New rebates are:

water-piggy bank

$50 per station for upgrading to smart controllers 

$120 per flow sensor

$7 per replacement high-efficiency sprinkler nozzles

$0.40 per square foot of drip conversion

WSCIP is open to contractors and self-managed sites. This rebate program is designed to help commercial, industrial, institutional, and agricultural property owners improve water-use efficiency in large landscapes through rebates for irrigation device upgrades that go directly to the installers, rather than the customers.

What is the program looking for, in terms of site eligibility?

  • Project sites must be in the Water Authority’s service area with a minimum of one acre of irrigated landscape.
  • The project should be one that can be completed in 90 days – but if that sounds challenging for a project you have in mind, give us a call and we can work to find a solution for you.
  • Ideally, after project completion the site will have all four types of devices installed on the site to maximize water savings.

What is the program looking for, in terms of applicant eligibility?

  • Contractors must carry a C27 license, Commercial Liability, and Workers’ Compensation insurance.
  • For self-managed sites, the same insurance requirements apply – but not always the C27 license.

For more details and to apply please go to the WSCIP Website.

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