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2016 Newsletters

December 2016 newsletter

December 2016 Newsletter

The Claude “Bud” Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant provides the region with a new source of water that is drought-proof and something to celebrate.  In December 2015 one of the most complex, unique and technologically advanced seawater desalination plants in the Western Hemisphere opened right here on the sunny shores of San Diego, California.  This month the 50 million gallons per day Carlsbad plant and largest ocean desalination plant in the Americas will be celebrating its one-year anniversary.  Download PDF to read entire newsletter

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November 2016 newsletter

November 2016 Newsletter

The establishment of Rainbow Municipal Water District is rich with history and fascinating stories of the challenges faced in its foundational years, the commitment and involvement of the community and their numerous accomplishments. Bill Hitt, who was about 6 years old when his parents purchased land in Rainbow, is one of the community members who shared his stories with us in an interview with our Executive Secretary back on June 29, 2010. We have printed excerpts of this in the past but we wanted to share it again.

October 2016 newsletter

October 2016 Newsletter

Since we showed samples of our new bill format in a previous Newsletter, we have received many suggestions on future formatting, content improvements and enhancements.  We value our customers and have taken in to serious consideration all of your recommendations.  We have also taken a number of calls requesting clarification on the new fee classifications.   Properly interpreting your bill is a vital part of understanding and monitoring your water consumption.  The definitions for fees listed below with the sample bills showing the comparison of the old and new formats will assist in properly comprehending your bill statement.

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