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October 2016 Newsletter

Bill Format Changes

 Since we showed samples of our new bill format in a previous Newsletter, we have received many suggestions on future formatting, content improvements and enhancements.  We value our customers and have taken in to serious consideration all of your recommendations.  We have also taken a number of calls requesting clarification on the new fee classifications.  

Properly interpreting your bill is a vital part of understanding and monitoring your water consumption.  The definitions for fees listed below with the sample bills showing the comparison of the old and new formats will assist in properly comprehending your bill statement.

October 2016 newsletter
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O&M RMWD = The fixed costs related to the Operations and Maintenance of Rainbow MWD systems.

Water Consumption = Total costs related to your actual water usage for that billing cycle.

O&M SDCWA = The fixed costs related to the Operations and Maintenance of San Diego County Water Authority’s system.

Cross Connection = Cross Connection Control Monthly charges (if applicable)

Sewer = Monthly Sewer charges (if applicable)

We are scheduled to transition into the new Utility Billing software in November. With the conversion of software, it will assign a new customer account number for you. Once the transition occurs, you will receive notification of the account number change along with the new bill statement format. Please reference the new customer account number going forward from receipt of notification.

Currently these changes are a key topic at the Communications which are held the first Monday of each month at the District offices. You are welcome to join us and be a part of the development.

 The sample bills below are still different.   The previous balance is different.   Can we get one that is identical?

October 2016 newsletter.pdf
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