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Why Doesn't the New Bill Pay System Recognize My Username and Password

If you are receiving an error when you first log into the new system you're probably trying to use your Username and Password from the old system. You must set up a NEW username and password when creating your profile in teh new system. DO NOT use the one from the old system.

Here's the criteria for the new system:

Username - Cannot be an email address

Passwords - Must have at least 8 characters and at least 3 of the following:
- 1 or more numbers
- 1 or more uppercase characters
- 1 or more lowercase characters

and can include only these special characters: *+-./=?^_{}~!@$

Password - cannot include:
- the last 3 passwords
- your name
- your Login ID
- more than 3 repeating characters, numbers or special characters, such as AAAA, 2222 or !!!!
- more than 3 consecutive characters or numbers, such as aBcD or 4567

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