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Water Service Upgrade Project (WSUP)

What is the Water Service Upgrade Project?

As part of this project we will be replacing over 5,000 older meters with new, accurate meters. Here are several activities we may be performing at your service during the upgrade.

  • Installation of an easy to operate ball valves on the customer side of the meter for your convenience
  • Installation of a new standardized meter box for safe and easy access to your meter
  • Replacement of old pressure regulating valves with new ones to reduce the likelihood of pressure spikes.   Note that this is the replacement of a District owned regulator that is on the District's side of the meter, not any regulators that would be on the customer's side of the meter.   Not all services have District owned regulators, but many do.

Will my water service be shut off during this process and if so for how long?

Yes, in order to upgrade your service, we will temporarily shut off your water. This will normally take between 15 to 30 minutes however, if more extensive plumbing work is required this may take a bit longer.

Will I be notified when my meter is being upgraded?

The Contractor will attempt to contact someone at the property at the time of work. If no one is at home or we are unable to make contact, they will proceed with the work.

In addition, when work in your neighborhood approaches, we will be putting up signs with actual dates of the work in your area. You will also be notified by mail when the project is about to start in your area.

Do I need to do anything to prepare to have my meter upgraded?

If you have extensive vegetation around your current meter box, we ask that you trim it back at least three feet on all sides.

What if I have a special circumstance at my home where this could cause issue?

If that is the case, please contact us at or (760) 728-1178 Ext. 328 and we will see what accommodations we can provide.

Why is the District upgrading my meter?

Like all equipment, water meters eventually wear out in some cases resulting in inaccurate measurements. The new meter will accurately measure the water consumption and provide each location with a shut-off valve.

Will this have any effect on my bill? 

If your old meter was not accurately measuring the water flow, then most likely an increase in your bill will be because the new meter is accurately measuring the flow. All of the new meters are calibrated in the factory and their accuracy is documneted.

I see that my meter has been upgraded. When will they backfilling my meter box?

We are currently working on backfilling as quickly as possible. Due to Covid-19 progress may slow down occassionally but we haven’t forgot about our customers and will complete the upgrade as soon as p[ossible.

My meter was upgraded and now my pressure is too low.

Sorry for any inconvenience, Please notify us at or (760) 728-1178 Ext. 328 so we can send a technician out to your property to troubleshoot the issue.

Where can I find out more information about the project?

There are addition details about the project on our website at

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