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Payment Extension Plan (PEP)

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Per RMWD Administrative Code - Payment Extension Plan for Delinquent Bills - Right of Customer "Any customer shall have the right to make a formal request to be placed on a Payment Extension Plan for any account on which they are delinquent by completing the required processes set forth below within thirteen (13) calendar days of receipt of a shut-off notice. Payment Extension Plans do not include current monthly charges; therefore, all current balances are to be paid in conjunction with any Payment Extension Plan agreed upon amounts. 1) Contact a District Customer Service Representative formally requesting being placed on a Payment Extension Plan specifying the amount of time necessary to amortize the unpaid balance of the account not to exceed twelve (12) months."


Per Section - Failure to Comply with the Payment Extension Plan "Once a Payment Extension Plan Agreement is granted, no discontinuance of service will be effective for any customer complying with such Agreement as described in the Customer Rights section of this policy. In the event a customer fails to comply with an approved Payment Extension Plan Agreement, the District will discontinue service upon providing the customer with at least forty-eight (48) hour notice prior to service interruption. Additional Payment Extension Plan Agreements will not be granted to any customer who has failed to comply with a previously approved agreement for at least one year from the date of non-compliance."

Please contact us at 760-728-1178. We are happy to work with you to set up a payment plan. 

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