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Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Department’s primary function is to ensure the District has highly qualified people, in the right roles, who are inspired to accomplish the mission every day. The Human Resources Manager provides strategic insight to the Board of Directors, General Manager, and partners with the leadership team to develop a culture of excellence, where the District’s diverse workforce is engaged, safe, and highly productive.

The Human Resources team develops and administers the workforce development, performance management, and employee recognition programs that promote operational excellence and foster a culture of continuous improvement; manages total rewards programs that balance fiscal responsibility while remaining competitive in the labor market; ensures compliance with labor laws, the Administrative Code, and applicable Memoranda of Understanding; and oversees the administration of risk management programs by the Risk Management Officer.

The Risk Management Officer leads the design, deployment, and administration of risk management programs, which include: environmental, health and safety requirements; designing and implementing emergency preparedness plans and training; managing the risk management and liability insurance programs; processing liability claims against the District; and administration of the District's workers' compensation and return-to-work programs.

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