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Administration Department

The Administration department encompasses the General Manager and Executive Assistant/Board Secretary.

The Administration Department is responsible for the day-to-day administrative tasks associated with managing the District. This involves serving the needs of the Board of Directors, connecting with the public by continually providing updates on District matters, building and preserving relationships between staff, Board of Directors, public members, and outside agencies for accountability and transparency, as well as elevating the District’s reputation in local and statewide political circles as an employer of choice.

The General Manager (GM), Jake Wiley, oversees District policy development and activities, including water resources planning, water distribution, wastewater collection, treatment, disposal, fiscal management, administration, engineering, human resources, and total operation of District functions and programs. The position ensures District goals and objectives are accomplished, advises and provides recommendations to the Board, and implements the board's policies on an ongoing basis. The GM also develops and implements long and short-range plans to guarantee District strategic plan objectives are met.

Additionally, the GM interprets District regulations and ordinances, internal and regulatory codes, and applicable laws with direction from Legal Counsel; reviews and approves District contracts, including negotiating contract terms and conditions; safeguards the District by assuring compliance with all contractual and legal requirements regarding the operations of the District.

The Executive Assistant/Board Secretary supports the Board of Directors and General Manager with a wide variety of advanced administrative duties. This position prepares materials and minutes for all Board and Standing Committee meetings; ensures the District Administrative Code, resolutions, and ordinances are appropriately updated, documented, and distributed; manages calendars; coordinates and schedules meetings; oversees workshop, conferences, training, and seminars accommodations including travel arrangements; maintains District official records; updates the District website per legal and accreditation requirements; onboards incoming new Directors; and protects the confidentiality of information privy to executive management.

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