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When Can I Water?

We are currently observing a Level 2 Drought Response (DROUGHT ALERT). Conservation practices to be followed under these conditions are:

1.    Limit residential and commercial landscape irrigation – no more than 2 days a week.

2.    Limit lawn watering and landscape irrigation using sprinklers to no more than 10 minutes per station.

3.    If watering two days per week at 10 minutes per station would result in water waste through runoff, customers may choose to water on different days using shorter intervals so long as the same equivalent reduction is achieved.   For instance, watering 4 days per week for 5 minutes at a time may be more efficient for your situation if your soil conditions prevent water from seeping in during longer sprinkler run times.

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4.    Hand watering must be done using a bucket, hand-held hose with positive shut-off nozzle, or low-volume non-spray irrigation.

5.    Repair leaks within 72 hours of notification.

6.    No application of potable water to outdoor landscape during and within 48 hours of measurable rainfall is allowed.

The goal here is to eliminate water waste wherever possible. If you have a lot of water running off your property during irrigation you are most likely in violation of our drought ordinance. If your irrigation is efficient and does not over water your landscape you are likely in good shape!

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