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Water Rates Changing Effective January 6, 2017

The Board of DIrectors of Rainbow Munucipal Water District adopted a new water rate structure on December 6, 2016.  These new rates go into effect for all water consumption that occurs on a bill dated after January 6, 2017.  This means that your bill that has consumption that spans from December into January will not be affected by this rate change, but the bill that contains consumption starting after January 6, 2017 will include these new rates.

The rate increase consists mainly of pass through costs from the District's water wholesaler, the San Diego County Water Authority, as well a pass through of increased costs from San Diego Gas and Electric.   Cost increases for the District's internal costs were limited to a CPI increase of just over 2%.   Overall, for most classes of customers the net effect of the rate increase on bills is just over 3%.   Examples are included on the attached notice.

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