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Thoroughbred Lift Station

Industrial piping and valves with pressure gauges, possibly part of a gas or water distribution system.


The project includes the construction of a new sewer lift station at the corner of Thoroughbred Lane and SR76 and pipelines along SR76, Camino Del Rey, and Old River Road.  Please see the map below for more details.

The project began in Spring 2022 and is in the final stretch of completion of the new sewer lift station and pipelines along SR-76, Camino Del Rey, and Old River Road. The lift station will be the eighth for the District and is a shared cost partly funded through developer capacity fees that support the District’s infrastructure.

Thoroughbred Lift Station aerial view 2023
Thoroughbred Lift Station construction, pipes, building, construction

Project History
Tripointe Homes (formerly Pardee Homes) is constructing over 500 homes in the Citro development east of I-15 and north of SR76. Rainbow Water will provide water and sewer service for the Citro development, and the project includes the construction of a new sewer lift station and pipeline improvements to facilitate wastewater collection service. 

Improvements to the District’s infrastructure are required to accommodate the new homes and updating the sewer infrastructure will benefit these homes and future development.

Traffic Impacts:

Expect traffic impacts and delays on Camino Del Rey and Old River Road.  Please allow extra time when traveling on these roads.

May contain: road, neighborhood, outdoors, intersection, and airport

For more information, please contact:

  • Paul Mochel, Construction Project Manager, Valley Construction,  858-444-6804.
  • Rainbow Water's Project Management Team, 760-728-1178  Ext. 210.

Start Date:  Spring 2022                   End Date: Summer 2024

An industrial setup with pipes and valves under a clear blue sky.
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