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State Water Resources Control Board Reduces Mandatory Conservation Standard for Rainbow Municipal Water District from 36% to 28%

Fallbrook, CA – The California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) has notified the Rainbow Municipal Water District (RMWD) that the mandatory conservation standard for all non-agricultural water use in the District has been reduced from 36% to 28%.   This reduction is in response to a request made by the District to be allowed to factor in the drought resistant local supplies that are now part of the San Diego County Water Authority supply profile.   The specific supply that was validated by the SWRCB was the new Bud Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant.

“After many months of discussion we are pleased that the SWRCB has finally validated the extraordinary effort and investment made by San Diego County to develop local, drought resilient supplies,” said Tom Kennedy, General Manager of RMWD. “While we feel that our Imperial Valley conservation programs that produce additional drought resilient supplies deserve to be counted as well, we are happy that the $1 Billion investment made by San Diego County residents has been recognized.”

Starting in March 2016, the mandatory reduction target for RMWD non-agricultural customers is now 28% rather than 36%.   RMWD has no specific allocation requirements for our customers, except for agricultural users who participate in the Transitional Special Agricultural Water Rate (TSAWR) program.   RMWD customers have regularly met and exceeded the 36% conservation level, so this reduction to 28% will provide some relief.

“Our customers have done an amazing job of reducing and eliminating water waste,” said Kennedy.  “While this reduction does not mean that customers should stop their conservation efforts, it does provide relief for some who may require costly landscape modifications in order to hit the higher target.   Customers are encouraged to regularly monitor their outdoor water use and ensure that their systems are operating efficiently”.

RMWD is a public agency formed in 1953 under Section 71000 of the California Water Code and serves 80 square miles of North San Diego County with water and wastewater reclamation services.  RMWD serves the unincorporated communities of Rainbow, Bonsall, parts of Fallbrook and the Morro Hills area of the City of Oceanside.


RMWD Press Release SWRCB Conservation Standard Reduction (003).pdf
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