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State Board Reduces RMWD Conservation Target to 28%

Thanks to the newly constructed Bud Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant, we were able to successfully petition the State Water Resources Control Board to ease the onerous 36% conservation target for our non-agricultural customers from 36% down to 28%.   Since the plant will produce up to 10% of San Diego County's water supply from a source that is immune to droughts, we lobbied hard to get recognition for the extraordinary investment made by all residents of San Diego County.   Even though we would only get water from the plant in an emergency condition, RMWD was given a credit because as members of the San Diego COunty Water Authority we own a proportionate share of the water produced by the plant and were able to use that to sercure this reduction.

RMWD customers have done an excellent job in hitting our conservation targets, so this easing of the target may come as welcome news to many.   While it is OK to start using a little more water, we all need to remain vigilent about eliminating water waste.   If you do increase your water consumption, make sure to do it wisely!



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