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RMWD Board Moves to Drought Level 1

In response to the changes from the State Water Resources Control Board and improving water supply conditions, the RMWD Board of Directors moved from Level 2 Drought conditions to Level 1 Drought conditions.   In Level 2 the Drought regulations include mandatory restrictions on outdoor irrigation but under Level 1 there are no specific restrictions on watering days or zone run times.

Drought Level 1 does contain a prohibition on water waste, which includes excessive runoff from landscape irrigation.   "While water users within RMWD are free to water on the schedule of their choosing, we encourage them to do it wisely", said Tom Kennedy, RMWD General Manager, adding “if you see water running down the street when you are watering, you are wasting water and that is still something that should be controlled.”

The State of California has also mandated a number of end user restrictions on water use that make common sense.   The RMWD Drought Ordinance contains these restrictions which are as follows:

(1) The application of potable water to outdoor landscapes in a manner that causes runoff such that water flows onto adjacent property, non-irrigated areas, private and public walkways, roadways, parking lots or structures.

(2) The use of a hose that dispenses potable water to wash a motor vehicle, except where the hose is fitted with a shut-off nozzle or device attached to it that causes it to cease dispensing water immediately when not in use.

(3) The application of potable water to driveways and sidewalks.

(4) The use of potable water in a fountain or other decorative water feature, except where the water is part of a recirculating system.

(5) The application of potable water to outdoor landscapes during and within 48 hours after measurable rainfall.

(6) The serving of drinking water other than upon request in eating or drinking establishments, including but not limited to restaurants, hotels, cafes, cafeterias, bars, or other public places where food or drink are served and/or purchased.

(7) The irrigation with potable water of ornamental turf on public street medians.

(8) The irrigation with potable water of landscapes outside of newly constructed homes and buildings in a manner inconsistent with regulations or other requirements established by the California Building Standards Commission and the Department of Housing and Community Development.


The RMWD Board wishes to thank all of our water users who did a tremendous job conserving water over the last year.   Your efforts have paid off as our supply conditions are such that mandatory conservation targets have ended.   We encourage all of our water users to use water as they wish but to do it in a way that minimizes water waste.

Resolution No. 16-16.pdfDrought Ordiance 16-10.pdf
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