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Residential Conservation Update -  36% Savings Overall in July!

H2O running low graphic

For the first month of the State's new water conservation regulations, RMWD residential customers saved over 20% over the same period in 2013.   July's conservation numbers show a 31% drop in residential consumption with a 36% drop overall - GREAT JOB!   Unfortunately, the State has set a goal of 36% for residential at RMWD - we received a Notice of Violation from the State for the June time period.   

We need all residential customers to do what they can to conserve water and especially to eliminate water waste.   There are many water saving tips on the website.

We also have a new water waste reporting portal on our homepage above.   Click on the "Report Water Waste"  to access the tool.

For our agricultural customers, those on the TSAWR program must conserve at least 15% or face potential penalties.   Check out our TSAWR information page for more information


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