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Pump Station Project: Division 1

Pump Station Project
West Lilac, Rancho Amigos, and Dentro De Lomas

The Division 1 pump station project includes the installation of three prefabricated potable water pump stations. The three pump stations will deliver water to the Hutton, Turner, and Gopher Tank Zones in the District's southern region by transporting water supply from the District’s northern connections. The Project will provide reliable water supply to the District’s southern service area and lower wholesale water cost. 

  •  The West Lilac Pump Station is located along West Lilac Road near Bonsall High School and Sullivan Middle School.   
  • The Rancho Amigos Pump Station is near the Saratoga Estates community along Rancho Amigos Road.
  • The Dentro De Lomas Pump Station is located along Dentro De Lomas Road in the community of Bonsall.
Aerial view of Rainbow Water Division 1  terrain with labels "West Lilac," "Rancho Amigos," "Dentro De Lomas," and information on a "Pump Station Project."



The Hutton, Turner, and Gopher Canyon tanks and associated pressure zones, will benefit from the upgrade from the former diesel-driven pumps by avoiding yearly routine maintenance performed by San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA). The new electric-driven pump stations will allow the District  detach from SDCWA and avoid further costly operations and long periods of shutdowns that disrupt water service. 


Rainbow Water has contracted with Pacific Hydrotech Corporation to commence construction in Spring 2024. Start Date: April 2024           End Date: Winter 2024
For more information on the project please contact the project team at (760) 728-1178 ext. 218 or  email

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