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Our Core Values

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Integrity: We believe in openness, trust, ethics and transparency.  We practice direct and honest communication in all of our day-to-day interactions.

Professionalism: A professional work place is the cornerstone of any quality organization.  We have open and respectful communication and interactions, both internally and with our customers.  Our employees will always exhibit professionalism in all of their day-to-day interactions.

Responsibility: Individual and organizational responsibility and accountability for accomplishing the District's mission is a core value.  We focus on doing our work in an efficient, reliable, and cost effective manner.

Teamwork: We understand the value of teamwork and are committed to working together both internally and externally.  Our focus is on supporting one another to collectively be our best.  We encourage communication and collaboration.  We focus on quality and have pride in the work we do in service to our customers. 

Innovation: Innovation and creative thinking are supported and encouraged.  We realize that good ideas can come from many sources, including our customers, and we continually encourage new and better ways of doing our work.  Our goal is not innovation for innovation's sake, but for finding ways to improve service and lower costs.

RMWD Strategic Plan 2016
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