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OLD NCILG Page - note - this information is inactive

The Irrigated Lands regulation was established by the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board (Regional Board) — not Rainbow Municipal Water District (RMWD).  The RMWD Board of Director’s decision to form a Monitoring Group is strictly based on a desire to provide benefit to our customers and other agricultural property owners in the area. 

At this time the NCILG is no longer accepting applications for new properties to join the group. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tom Kennedy, General Manager of RMWD.

A tentative General Waste Discharge Requirement for Commercial Agriculture and Nursery Operations (Ag Order) is being developed by the Regional Board to replace Conditional Waiver #4 that expired in February 2014. More information on the Ag Order.

Current NCILG Members

If you are currently a member of the NCILG and have not submitted a property inspection, it is due. Click on the one of the links below for checklists that can be used for property inspections. The Self Assessment: Tree Crops can be used for avocado, citrus or other fruit tree crops. The Self Assessment: Greenhouses & Nurseries can be used for nursery operations.

Self Assessment for Tree Crop Operations

Self Assessment for Nursery Operations

Best Management Practices (BMPs) for agriculture or nursery operations list ways to help contain runoff from your property. Runoff can be from irrigation practices, but in the San Diego Region will be primarily from storm water. BMPs also list proper use and storage of potential pollutants used such as fertilizer and pesticides. For more information on BMP’s, click the link below.

The BMP’s recommend keeping records of your agricultural or nursery operational activities. For a recordkeeping form, click the link below.

Ag Water Quality Record Keeping

Water School

Classes are available at the San Diego Farm Bureau in Escondido and at Rancho Water District in Temecula. View class availability.

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