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News on Technology for Intellegent Leak Detection

The District was recently featured on Fox 5 News regarding new technology we're currently testing to identify leaks.  The intelligent Flume software detects and identifies abnormal water usage, sending notifications immediately when an issue is detected.

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How it Works:

  • WATER SENSOR - The Flume Water Sensor straps around your existing water meter and sends you real-time water usage information to the Flume Bridge.
  • BRIDGE - The Flume Bridge connects to your home's WiFi and sends water data up to the Flume Cloud, bridging the connection between the Flume water sensor and app.
  • MOBILE APP - The Flume App notifies you of leaks across your entire property and allows you to view your water usage from anywhere at anytime.

To see more on this new technology and interview with Tom Kennedy, General Manger of Rainbow MWD click on the link below. 

Fox 5 News Video

To find out more about the Flume device click here.

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