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New Water Use Laws

If the new water use laws weren’t enough, there is another bill working its way through the legislature that will establish a tax on drinking water.  Senate Bill 623 will establish a statewide tax on the water you buy from Rainbow that we will be forced to collect and send to Sacramento.   While the goal of helping to provide clean drinking water to areas that struggle to afford it is a good one, the Rainbow Board has taken an official position against this bill and has helped fund an outreach campaign intended to let our legislators know this is a really bad idea.

All of the legislators that cover our District are in opposition to the bill – we thank Assembly Member Waldron and Senators Anderson and Bates for their vocal opposition.   We don’t know what the exact tax amount will be, but it will likely start at a few dollars per month.   There is a real concern that once such a tax is established it will be ratcheted up from time to time.  

If you want more information, please visit Water Tax Facts

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