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March 2020 Newsletter

May contain: indoors, sink, symbol, and cross

This is the time of year when the U.S. and Canada join the EPA in Fix a Leak Week (March 16-22, 2020) by putting on their water monitoring investigator hats and grabbing their sleuthing gear (dye tabs, wrench and leak checklist) to find and fix common household leaks. Please join us by following the steps below in our fight again water waste.

This doesn’t have to be an annual event for water consumers.  This should be a way of life.  One of the ways to stop leaks from sneaking up on you and hitting you with an excessive water bill is by installing a Flume device. These devices are still being offered to Rainbow MWD customers at the low cost of a $49 annual maintenance fee.  A small price to pay for peace of mind.  For details and to purchase your Flume device go to

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March 2020 Newsletter
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