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Local Educational Programs 

Rainbow Water thrives on innovation and continuing education to expand knowledge, experience and communication to pave the way for success. As a public agency, Rainbow Water is committed to working with the community to educate students about water conservation, local water supplies, sustainable alternative resources, water quality, current events and  STEM careers in the water industry.

This is accomplished by partnering with local schools to bring a comprehensive education program that includes classroom presentations, field trips, hands on projects and water poster contests to expand water awareness with the goal to inspire students.

To find out more about our educational programs or talk to someone about a potential projects or classroom visit contact the public relations team by email at 


High School Field Trips

Group of people in hard hats at a construction site with an excavator and a trench in the background.

Rainbow Water received the Community Program grant award in 2023 from the Metropolitan Water District to host field trips for high school students. Students from Bonsall High School visited Rainbow Water headquarters in Spring 2024 for a behind the scenes look at the day-to-day operations of engineering, finance, information technology, meter services, and water quality.

The field trip was the third hosted by Rainbow Water since 2023 and began with an introduction to the many STEM careers available at the agency, followed by a presentation from theengineering department. Students learned about the planning and design aspects of water infrastructure. Students were given full-size blueprints of an existing shopping center development to practice identifying water and utility lines with colored highlighters and a scale ruler. After seeing plans on paper, students were guided to a small trench with a visible pipeline, where the field operations and construction teams demonstrated how they work with the engineering department to survey jobsites.  
“We use technology as part of our jobs to document work on our devices, monitor water pumping from tanks to lift stations, and collaborate with teams in the field,” said Chad Williams, Engineering and Capital Improvement Project Program Manager. “Science and math play a vital role in gathering information to facilitate contracting with construction and engineering firms that initiate the build-out of our capital improvement projects.” 

Students visited with the Rainbow Water meters team to explore how they capture water usage across 344 miles of pipelines and 9,000 metered connections to ensure the delivery of safe and clean water to the community. Hands-on learning opportunities were the highlight of the field trip, as students viewed
demonstrations of water pressure followed by their own opportunity to test water flow through a meter.  
Field trips and in class presentations are available to schools in the Rainbow Water service area. To learn more please contact

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