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July 2018 Newsletter (Special Edition)

Effectively Managing Your Assets

RMWD’s mission is to provide our customers reliable, high quality water and water reclamation service in a fiscally sustainable manner.   We strive each and every day to attain this goal.   The first component is securing a reliable high-quality source of water, which is currently supplied by SDCWA at our nine connections to their aqueduct system.  

Our efforts focus on the infrastructure that is owned collectively by our customers in the form of our water distribution system.   This system consists of hundreds of miles of pipelines, 13 water storage tanks, three covered reservoirs, five pump stations, and 70 pressure regulating stations.  This is just on the water supply side of our organization.  

For wastewater we operate over 60 miles of sewer lines, nearly 2,000 sewer manholes, six lift stations, and other sewer monitoring systems.   These assets are either buried in roadways or in one of the nearly 2,000 easements that the District holds where pipelines cross private property.

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Sample Site Preventative Maintenance
person, street, worker, maintenance, fence
iPad gathering data from the District Valve Turning Machine 
July Special Edition Newsletter


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