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H2OUSE - Water Conservation

Water conservation is in important practice in a variety of regions around the world. It does not matter if water appears to be in abundant supply in the area where you reside. Implementing water conserving techniques in and around your home can help to save money on utility bills, reduce pollution resulting from leaks and help septic systems run better and last longer.

It is important to make it a routine to check pipes and appliances inside your home for leaks. A small leak in an appliance or pipework can result in water loss of up to 10% and be expensive for you and detrimental to the surrounding environment. 

A great deal of water can be wasted outside the home depending on how and when water is used. Irrigation systems should be checked during daylight hours for leaks and old, outdated systems should be replaced with energy efficient models. Lawns should be watered during the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. (before dawn is best) and in short intervals.

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