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Garden Like a Pro

Five Tips to Save Water and Create Your Own Sustainable Garden

Select: Choose WaterSmart plants and flowers that provide food for birds, butterflies, and bees. Prioritize native plants that thrive in the Southern California climate and are less susceptible to drought, pests and disease.

Research: Plant with the full-grown plant in mind. Remember a gallon plant can grow into a tree.

Water Before Sunrise: Soil absorbs water best when the temperature, evaporation rate, and wind are lower. Keep leaves dry overnight to minimize pests and diseases.

Water Deeply: To establish deep roots and happy plants, water deeply once a week or less than frequent shallow watering.

Cycle and Soak: Set your times to water in short bursts (30-60 minutes apart) for clay and soil slopes. This allows time for water to soak in the soil instead of running off.

Visit the Rainbow Water office to receive your complimentary spring planting guide for the top 50 native plants.
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visit or Nifty 50 Plants that Thrive in San Diego.

Suburban street with houses and drought-tolerant landscaping.
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