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FLUME Water Monitoring System Rebate Program

A New Way to See Your Water

Rainbow Municipal Water District is promoting a new water efficiency incentive program that allows customers to access minute-by-minute water usage data with Flume, an intelligent water monitoring device.

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Flume Smart Home Water Monitor

Homeowners are largely in the dark about their water usage. A monthly bill provides little detail, leaving the vast majority of homeowners to wonder exactly how much water they’re using and when.  Flume changes that. Flume’s Smart Home Water Monitor and app provide homeowners with detailed, real-time insights into their water usage.

After a quick, DIY installation (no plumber or special tools required) Flume users have access to their water usage - down to the minute. Flume gives homeowners all the tools they need to understand, manage, and conserve their water, including budgets and usage alerts to instantly notify users of excess water use.

Flume’s upgraded app experience, brings users a whole new level of detail and control, allowing users to see their water usage broken down by individual appliance, compare their hourly, weekly, and monthly data, and customize usage alerts and budgets to best fit their personal water habits.  

RMWD partnered with Flume to bring you a special offer on the Flume Smart Home Water Monitor! For a limited time only, RMWD customers (ONE DEVICE PER ACCOUNT) can get Flume AND Flume Insight for just $49.99, saving you $150! Act soon, a limited number of devices are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. To purchase please go to

You will be required to verify your eligibility for the program by entering your account number upon signing up.

 For more details, please check out Flume’s website or the Flume Program FAQ.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 760-728-1178 or by email at

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