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District of Distinction Accreditation

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The Rainbow Municipal Water District has been recognized by the Special District Leadership Foundation (SDLF) for its sound governance and fiscal management practices and policies and has been awarded SDLF’s District of Distinction Accreditation.

“This accreditation is a testament to the Rainbow Municipal Water District Board and staff’s dedication to fiscal responsibility and sound governance principles,” said, Tom Kennedy, General Manager. “This is a major achievement for the District. Our Board and staff are to be commended for their commitment to the District’s values and continued success.” Tom Kennedy added, “This recognition builds on our previous recognition with the Transparency Certificate of Excellence which we have held for over five years. Out of the 68 special districts in San Diego county we are one of only five to receive this recognition. Statewide there are over 2,000 special districts and only about 1% have been recognized as Rainbow now has.”

To receive the award, a special district must undergo regular financial audits and have no major deficiencies. Board members and management staff must undergo extensive training in sound governance practices and management. Their operations must conform to all statutes and regulations under state law as reflected in a clear and robust set of policies and procedures. They must also have completed SDLF’s District Transparency Certificate of Excellence which is awarded every other year and was presented to Rainbow MWD in 2015, 2017 and 2019.

SDLF is an independent, non-profit organization formed to promote good governance and best practices among California’s special districts through certification, accreditation, and other recognition programs.


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