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Customer Service FAQ's

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Do you find yourself contemplating whether to call Rainbow’s Customer Service number? Did you search google and find yourself with even more unanswered questions? The Rainbow Water Customer Service team is here to help you with questions regarding water service. Below are the most frequently asked questions for the customer service team. 

How do I Update my Contact Information?

Have you recently moved or changed your phone number? Call the Customer Service team to update your information to ensure you receive monthly invoices, newsletters, and service updates.

Call to Pay a Bill over the Phone

We accept payment over the phone during business hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Payments in person and over the phone received by 3:30 p.m. will be applied for the same business day. Card, check, and cash payments are accepted in person during office hours.  

Submit a Service Request  

Is your water pressure inconsistent? Place a call to schedule service for a leak, low pressure/high pressure. 

Explain Bill Charges

Service bills are sent after a month of service and amounts are determined by variable and fixed rates. The fixed rate is a shared cost for all ratepayers for the service to maintain over 320 miles of water main, seven pump stations, four reservoirs, and 13 storage tanks to deliver safe and reliable water to its customers. The variable rate is the amount of actual water consumed by the customer. 

Information about Flume  

Flume is a water efficiency incentive program that allows customers to access real-time water usage data with an intelligent water monitoring device. The device is available for District ratepayers with an instant $150 rebate for a final cost of $49.99 plus shipping. The device is only available for purchase online at:  

Start or cancel service

Did you move and need to connect service? Call the customer service number to schedule a start or stop of water service.

Backflow Noticces

A backflow device prevents a reverse-flow situation where incoming potable water has a chance of being cross-connected with various auxiliary water sources or other hazards. The backflow device serves to protect our distribution system and ultimately, your home. Complete an online form to determine eligibility for a backflow device removal.

Request a Payment Plan

The District offers payment plans and options to adjust your rate plan from single family, agricultural with residence and more.

Request a Late Fee Waiver

Ratepayers can make a request for a late fee to be waived once every two years.


For additional information contact Customer Service at: (760) 728-1178

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