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Annual Elemenary School Poster Contest

Every year local fourth-grade students are asked to illustrate imaginative ways to conserve or recycle water, smart ways to use water at school and home, or ways to prevent water pollution. Each year the entries are judged on creativity, artistry, design, and best expression of the theme. This year participants from Bonsall Elementary School demonstrated their resourcefulness and artistic skills in the “Be Water Smart” 2017 Poster Contest.

We are proud to unveil our top entry winners whose poster designs displayed in the 2018 “Be Water Smart” calendar are available at our District offices just in time for the new year. We will also be returning to both the Bonsall and Vallecitos Elementary School fourth-grade classrooms for our presentation on water conservation and local supplies later in the year and to hand out this year's entry forms.

The staff here at Rainbow MWD truly enjoy being part of the community and being allowed an opportunity to share our passion for water with others. We also look forward to hearing from you the next time you’re thinking about a dynamic guest speaker to inspire the group on the vital topics such as reliable sustainable resources, drought conditions, water treatment and much more.

Please feel free to contact Cynthia Gray at to learn more.

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