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Additional PSAWR Qualification Information and Contacts

Customers are directed to the Department of Agricultural, Weights, and Measures for information on the Grower’s List/Pesticide Use, Certified Producer, and Organic programs, and to the Farm Bureau for enrollment in the Ag. Order. 

These are all programs that are geared toward commercial agriculture.  Here is some additional information regarding these programs.

  • The Grower’s List/Pesticide Use is a state program administered through our department for those in our county, specifically through the Pesticide Regulation Program.  It is for those who apply pesticides.  This program’s contact information: 858-694-8980  
  • The Certified Producer’s program is generally for those who sell their produce at Certified Farmers’ Markets.  The organic program is for producers who grow their produce organically.  They are both state programs, but inspections, etc. for those in San Diego County are handled through our Agricultural Standards program.  This program’s contact information: 858-614-7786

Contact the Farm Bureau for information regarding enrollment with SDRWQCB’s Ag. Order.  This is a good place to start, there is also enrollment via a 3rd party (listed below). Most enroll in this program. 

Below are; a fact sheet and flow chart from the SD Farm Bureau to better understand the process; a brochure from the SD County Department of Agriculture, Weights, and Measures explains more about the program. This program's contact information: (760) 745-3023 

SDILG Enrollment Flow ChartSDRILG Factsheet.pdfSDILG Agrigultural Program Brochure

For your convenience here is the SD Water Authority program handbook with information on eligibility, guidelines, and procedures for administering the PSAWR Program and PSAWR Enrollment Form.

PSAWR HandbookPSAWR Program Enrollment Form.pdf


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