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2017 High School Students Video Contest

The San Diego Chapter California Special Districts Association is sponsoring this year’s high school video contest.  This contest allows San Diego County high school students an opportunity to earn some cash, show of their videography skills and learn about Special Districts and their function and value in our local communities.  California's Special Districts provide essential services to our local communities such as water and sewer, fire protection, garbage removal and vector control. 

May contain: advertisement, text, artwork

Students must create a 1-2 minute, entertaining, creative and informative video for educating the public about “What’s So Special About Special Districts?”  The local San Diego Chapter will select four winners who will each receive cash awards in the amount of $1500 ($1000 to the student/s and $500 to the school).  Submittals are due on April 1, 2017 and will be judged on but not limited to the incorporation of the theme, originality, entertainment quality, subject accuracy and the value of information. 

For rules, criteria, and application packets, visit the contest web page at or email Cynthia Gray at for details and information.

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